Basics of Trading

There is no need to search for “how to start trading” anymore. You have a free demo forex account where you can try to trade. The words like “trading in stock markets” and “indices” doesn’t make you scared. Now, you do not want to just become a trader. You want to be a professional!

Put “trading in stock market for beginners” ambitions aside, and start thinking about comprehensively learning of trading Forex! It is time to start trading as a professional!

How to manage trading platforms like MT4/MT5

You will get insights about market analysis, and get assistance from Senior Analytic through 3 practical trading webinars. Junior Analytic will support you on a daily basis. And the last but not the least, you will get free trading signals.

By free online trading courses you will acquire necessary knowledge and skills to become specialists. It will help you to trade Forex and to become successful!

What is the next step?

After the completion of the basic course, you can proceed to the advanced one. In our advanced course you can get in-depth understanding of financial markets. Access to monthly webinars by SA will help you to build your professional skills of trading. Besides, JA will be there for you whenever you request. And most importantly, you will gain permission to participate in live trading webinars.

Additionally, you will get information about:

  • robots in the trading platform, and how they operate;
  • how to identify the best place to trade in stock exchange

By the end of the course, you will become an independent and professional Forex trader.

Enhance your knowledge and skills with Trading Academy!