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Do you want to become a trader and play on the stock market? Hence, you should know how to start trading and create a demo Forex account. Online training of trading platforms for beginners is what you need. No matter how much experience you have with the financial markets, after completing the course, such words as “trade in the stock market” or “swap” will never cause fear in you. Start your trader career with Trading Academy!

Begin with the free course and continue with advanced

The introduction to the financial market is needed for all beginners to understand the area in general. Acquaintance with the trading conditions helps to decide whether to continue to learn to play Forex Market or not. If yes, you can start a basic training of online traders. With the help of this course, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to be a successful trader.

Start managing main (it is not logical word to use here) trading platforms

The basic education for traders is much more specialized than the knowledge you can gain during a free course. You will learn how to trade Forex and make market reviews. Every day, you can fully count on the support of Junior Analytic. Moreover, Senior Analytic will assist you during 3 trading webinars.

Initial course
First three conversations with Junior Analytic
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Shopping webinar
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Advanced course

All items from the initial course

Junior Analytic support
3 trading webinars with Senior Analytic
Market reviews
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Professional course
Trading signals
Contact with Junior Analytic
A month of training webinars with Senior Analytic
5 LIVE shopping webinars
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Train with Trading Academy! Our courses will help you forget the time when “trading in the stock markets for beginners” was your main search inquiry. Become a professional with us!